'Zelgli' apartment complex Neftenbach (1st Prize)

8413 Neftenbach
plusimmo AG, Schaffhausen
vertreten durch GENU Partner AG
Effective area:
10'750 m²
35‘750 m³ (SIA 416)
Project Description

This site location outside Neftenbach town centre is flanked between a forest to the east and the open valley landscape to the south, west and north. The rolling hills with wooded patches, fields and vineyards offer apartment dwellers a uniquely attractive panorama.

The new blocks form a harmonic ensemble with the old buildings, enabling views and vistas with apartment floor plans that take full account of the beautiful surrounding landscape. Their unobtrusive architecture is well-proportioned and harmonic, open and spacious. The overall appearance gives this complex a special identity of its own. The attractive apartments interestingly designed, with rustic materials, elements and structures, make for a particularly outstanding landmark in modern architecture. The interplay of floor plans takes full account of privacy; all apartments face south and/or west.

With two or three apartments on each floor, the new buildings optimally meet accommodation and apartment layout requirements thanks to flexibility on all floors. This makes them ideal both for rental or owner-occupation. Due to the well differentiated building heights, different access levels and varied penthouse arrangements, this elegant and straightforward apartment complex makes an interestingly dynamic impression: a new home for people who appreciate exceptional lifestyle quality.