Fire station building Volketswil (2nd Prize)

8604 Volketswil
Gemeinde Volketswil
Effective area:
1'800 m²
9'500 m³ (SIA 416)
Project Description

“Also I saw the Kerberos, with biting teeth armed.
Fearfully it rolls its eyes, the pit of Hades guarding.
If dares to creep one of the dead ones past,
Then strike its teeth deep and painful Into the flesh of the escaper
And drags back under agonies Does the bad, the biting guard.”

That is how Greek hero Odysseus described the hellhound Kerberos, fearsome guardian of the underworld. And it is with just such fervour that the fire brigade watches over the five communities of Gutenswil, Hegnau, Kindhausen, Volketswil and Zimikon. Their names are immortalized on the concrete shell as formwork imprints documenting the ongoing public legacy of this durable building.

Like the mythological Kerberos, it shall do its duty without compromise.

Its situation and internal organization are optimal for rapid alarm response. Instead of the temporary structure on this site, the new building allows for future expansion to maintain such fast response.

The compactness of this building is thanks to its intermeshing of different functions. Covered terraces resulting from the difference between upper and lower floor areas can be used for various purposes including recreation.