'Bürgli' North school house Wallisellen (1st Prize)

Bürglistrasse 30
8304 Wallisellen
Wallisellen school community
2011 - 2013
35'200 m³
Cost of construction:
CHF 19 Mio.
Project Description

Bürgli primary and secondary schoolhouses strikingly replace the inter-street complex between Bürglistrasse, Bubentalstrasse, Riedenstrasse and 'Im Bachofen'. The south-sloping site is demarcated from the surrounding residential area by Bürgli north and Bürgli south schoolhouses, built in 1950 and 1968 respectively, and the primary schoolhouse built a few years ago. Between the two schoolhouses stretches a terraced playground also used for gymnastics. Bürgli north secondary schoolhouse comprises on the one hand the schoolroom tract almost parallel to Bürglistrasse including extension dating back to 1953, and the gymnasium tract at right angles to Bubentalstrasse. These two buildings are interconnected by an indoor recreation hall on the ground floor. The gymnasium built horizontally on the hill slope utilizes the topography with two halls located one above the other, so that the gymnastics hall roof edge corresponds with that of the indoor recreation hall. Access is on the one hand through the ground-floor recreation hall or side entrance between the original schoolhouse tract and extension, and on the other hand on the lower basement floor at sports field level.

The urban planning concept is to complement the mature structure of the existing schoolhouse with a new building making optimal use of free space. A cuboid shaped structure on the topographical edge in parallel to the Bürgli south building geometry mediates between all the school buildings in an overall context. The precise setting in this topographically sensitive situation creates a dialogue with Bürgli south on the one hand and gives Bürgli north a new identity on the other hand. Moreover this exact location is predestined for meeting the dual utilization requirement on the new building.

The sloping terrain is exploited thereby so that locating a second entrance in the southeast accentuates the semi-open character of this complex.

TEAM:   CH Architekten AG  &  Bucher Partner dipl. Architekten AG